What is Ju-Jitsu ?  

JU-JITSU is a complete and thorough martial art. Coming from the ancient practices performed by the Samurais, it requires a lot of skills and discipline. But what is exactly "JU-JITSU"?

"JU" means softness and yielding, referring to the flexibility of both mind and body. "JU" is the opposite of "GO" or hardness and action and exists in a YIN-YANG relationship to it.

"JITSU" indicates a style of the martial arts that focuses on force and combat.effectiveness.

It is easier to understand and practice "JU-JITSU". As it requires not only physical skills but intellectual input as well. Practicing "JU-JITSU" requires mastering multiples combination extracted from different martial arts.

Actually "JU-JITSU" is combining techniques from JUDO, KARATE and AI-KIDO. These arts are not instinctive and request a lot practice, it covers:

  • TACHI-WAZA or art of standing techniques
  • UKEMI-WAZA or art of falling techniques
  • TAI-SABAKI-WAZA or art of body moves techniques
  • KATEAME-WAZA or art of control techniques
  • UKE-WAZA or art of blocking techniques
  • ATEMI-WAZA or art of attack vital points
  • KERI-WAZA or art of kicking techniques
  • NAGE-WAZA or art of throwing techniques
  • NE-WAZA or art of groundwork techniques
  • OSAE-KOMI-WAZA or art of immobilization techniques
  • KANSETSU-WAZA or art of locking techniques
  • SHIME-WAZA or art of strangulation

JU-JITSU is based on a self-defense philosophy. Usually in JU-JITSU one would BLOCK or ESCAPE from an attack then counter-attack with ATEMI, THROWING TECHNIQUES and neutralize the opponent with LOCK,STRANGULATION and IMMOBILIZATION TECHNIQUES.

JU-JITSU convey seemingly contradictory aspects such like flexibility and hardness, physical skills and intellectual concentration. But being able over years of practice to find the right balance, the right combination will give to the JU-JITSUKA an edge in his/her personal life. Modern men and women have to deal with such contradictions in modern life: search for security and necessity of self-confidence.

How to be secure in a world which is more and more demanding, globa, sophiticated, open, competitive, constantly involving and that require self-confidence? How to find self-confidence in such a world unless by being flexible and strong at the same time? One has to able to concentrate on targets and be able to achieve action by adapting to the ever changing environment.

This is nothing else than JU-JITSU, by concilating those seemingly contradictory points one will live in a better harmonynot only with his or her environment but with his or herself as well. Finding the strength to face challenges or attacks, finding the right answer to unexpected moves, finding the right reaction to achieve better goals, finding the most efficient way to control the situation is every one dream. JU-JITSU can help make it true.


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