Welcome to Aiki-Jutsu Takeda-Ryu Maroto-Ha Singapore!

Every student in Aiki-Jutsu engages himself to a fabulous adventure,the main thing being to be able to self defence, according to criterias perfectly determined are used from a judicious thematic. It is also a personal work asking application and regularity. It is a real fight against one's self.

The apprenticeship of Aiki-Jutsu Takeda-Ryu Maroto-Ha, improves some specificity, which particularities are the following:

1. Adoption of a specified guard, right hand foot forwards, facing the adversary, as the old Japanese swordsman, applicated in Kendo. We work on the left and on the right without changing the position during the applications.

2. All the basic techniques were teacher to the samurai of Takeda clan, who could freely adapt different techniques, according to their morphology character and experience.

3. Deep survey of some ATEMI with the edge of the hand, omitted in many contemporary schools. For any form of attack, we reply automatically by an ATEMI to the face (Jodan-Tsuki) before trying a key while side stepping and protecting one-self.

4. In practice, we generally finish by neutralizing the adversary on the ground with the foot, a technique which does not exist in many schools.

5. Up to a certain level of understanding, we study the basic techniques (WAZA) on the right and left hand side without any stated attack.

6. The AIKI-JUTSU combines easily with another martial art the JU-KENPO defense with free hands (hit and protection with fists and feet).

7. The research of a permanent and instinctive stability generates power and to better understand the manifestations of KI (energy).

8. Working to improve efficency rests on technical ways using short cuts without using the shoulders.

9. The study of ventral breathing thanks to good positions allows to get self control and practice without thinking to reach a high level in AIKI-GOSHIN-DO.

10. Intuition, spontaneity and improvising are the factors developed along the years of study, which boundaries and abuttals are revealing.