SADAZUMU, 6th son (874-916) of the Emperor SHINWA founded the MINAMOTO dynasty like " the Capetiens "" in France.

MINAMOTO-NO-YOSHIMITSU (1045-1127) brother of the famous MINAMOTO-NO-YOSHIEE (1041-1108) codified what is agreed to call at this time the AIKI-NO-JUTSU, and transmitted to his son YOSHIKIYO who gave the name of TAKEDA, name of the city he used to live with his family.Prince YAMATO TAKERU-NO-MIKOTO was the first one to establish an educative and military system. In the clan TAKEDA, which sword is still exposed in the national museum of KAMAKURA. Generations after generations, the BU-JUTSU (a set of martial arts) was transmitted inside the family clan, and to warrior chiefs till the apology of the TAKEDAS, who, after their splendour, could see their decline because of the incompetence of TAKEDA Shingen's son (1493-1573). From that time two branches emerged : the GEN-RYU and the SHU-RYU. The first one has been transmitted bu Nobutomo TAKEDA, one of Shingen's brother, who offered his services to the clan KURODA, the second one transmitted by Kunitsugu TAKEDA, who took the name of Hisanosuke Daito, in AIZU clan which expanse the use of the word DAITO-RYU. The TAKEDA-RYU has been transmitted till today through 43 generations of successors, the first one being Ichio OBA who died in 1959, without nominating a successor in accordance wih the usual practice; Amongest the rare holders of high rank, the expert in Nin-jutsu, Kinbei SATO (1926-1999) and Menkyo-Kaiden in TAKEDA-RYU renounced to teach and diffuse the disciples of this ancestral and traditional school, for the benefit of Nin-jutsu and Bu-jutsu. Ichio OBA teached two experts well knowned: HATSUMI and TANEMURA. Facing a general dissatisfaction of the Sensei and Senpai in the school , the young Hisashi NAKAMURA (MINAMOTO-NO-HISAMITSU) being at this time Chuden-Kyohan, engaged himself to perpetuate the disciplines of this marvellous school ubder dedicated to TAKEDA-RYU NAKAMURA-HA. He codified the teaching and modified some techniques with the help of Toshihisa SOFUE (MINAMOTO-NO-TOSHIMITSU) professor of biology at the university, who had a pupil named Masayuki TOYOSHIMA (MINAMOTO-NO-MASAMITSU) a remarkable expert. His school and method were officialized in 1978.

In 1987, Hisashi NAKAMURA nominated the author as his main deputy in France and in Europe and gave him the name of : MINAMOTO-NO-MAROTO. This one studied with him for ten years and founded his own method of teaching and his school according to the traditions under dedicated to : TAKEDA-RYU MAROTO-HA. In Japan, most of the students who became experts in TAKEDA-RYU did not pursuit the work of Ichio OBA meanwhile others opened schools (RYU) under different names. We can certify without mistake that TAKEDA-RYU should not exist anymore whether the young NAKAMURA did not carry on. Today there are only two schools in the world, his own school (aikido)and the author's school (aiki-jutsu).

The AIKI-JUTSU TAKEDA-RYU MAROTO-HA is a age-old heritage, having roots in the rising sun country, considered as a national treasure, a kind of cultural patrimony which lasts in the lineage of the TAKEDA and MINAMOTO.