Founder / President

Ju-Jitsu Kobudo Singapore

Sensei Stephen Chee 



  • Japanese Ju-Jitsu 
  • Judo 
  • Aiki-Jutsu 
  • Karate 
  • Krav Maga 



With 40 years of training experience we will be able to help you to attain a cultivated martial arts mind. Your growth is important to us. If you have been searching for a place to develop your skills in the martial arts or other various forms of training, look no further. We provide a wide range of Authentic and Internationally accredited courses, as listed, that will train your mind and body in a manner that will enhance your overall well-being as you live out your daily routine. At the same time, you will be learning how to defend yourself if the need arises. 


Training sessions are conducted by highly-qualified senior instructors only - Safety is paramount!

Classes have limited spaces so as to prevent overcrowding.

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